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OBBLM is a web application. This means you need a webserver to run the application.

If you wish to install OBBLM locally on your computer you'll need to install PHP, MySQL and Apache - try to google "install php mysql and apache" for that.

If you wish to have your league accessible online you'll need a webhost with PHP, MySQL and Apache.

Please note that

  • You need at least PHP 5.2
  • You need at least MySQL 5
  • You MySQL database user must have the privileges CREATE PROCEDURE and CREATE FUNCTION or CREATE ROUTINE (contains both CREATE PROCEDURE and CREATE FUNCTION).
    There is no exception to this (see Link why). If your webhost does not support this try contacting them - some web hosts are willing to help you work around this problem by running this install/upgrade script for you. If not, you will have to find another web host allowing the privilege(s).

To install OBBLM follow these steps

  1. Fetch the latest version of OBBLM from
  2. Un-zip the archive to the desired location on your webserver. There are no requirements for the directory name!
  3. Run the install script install.php from your browser and follow all instructions.
    E.g. if your site is named and you installed OBBLM into the directory obblm.
  4. Delete the install.php file from your OBBLM directory.

Your done!

Continue to the setup and optionally customization afterwards.

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