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In order to begin using OBBLM there are a few things you must do first.

Following this guide will help you setup OBBLM for your league and give you a feeling of how OBBLM works.

  1. After running the install.php script, OBBLM has created a user called root with password root. Login using this user.
  2. Change the password of the root user in Coach cornerProfile. You may optionally change the name of the root user too.
  3. Create the leagues and divisions you will be using with OBBLM. This is done under the menu item AdminManagement: Leagues & divisions. Note that you can add more leagues and divisions later, you just need at least one to start off with.
  4. Now, OBBLM has two types of settings files you need to edit. The global settings file, and the local settings files.
    1. The global settings file, settings.php, contains settings that apply across all leagues.
    2. The local settings files, located at localsettings/settings_<LEAGUE ID>.php, are individual league settings. There should exist one for each league.
      1. Initially the localsettings/settings_1.php file for the league with ID = 1 is created for you. If you are running multiple leagues copy this file to other leagues IDs (e.g. localsettings/settings_2.php, localsettings/settings_3.php etc.). You can find the IDs of the leagues you have created at the bottom of the page in AdminImport team.
      2. Setting up these settings files should be easy since they are self-documented.
      3. Note, be carefull editing the settings_none.php file - it is used by OBBLM when no league settings file for a given league exists in the localsettings directory.
  5. OBBLM modules are optionally configured in the separate settings file settings_modules.php. Changing module settings there should be straight forward. Note that you in this file can deactivate modules entirely. You should also note that copying entries from this file into local settings files will produce local module settings for that league.
  6. Create the league coaches (users) in AdminManagement: User management.

Your setup is now complete.

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